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Wild Rose Competition

The Wild Rose Invitational Competition is the only Alberta figure skating competition held annually during the summer months. It takes place in eary August. This competition is a sanctioned Skate Canada event, recognized for its monitoring of competitive skaters. It has also been the trialling event for many of Canada's skating firsts, such as the CPC judging and video replay systems.

The Wild Rose Invitational Competition is an approved event in the Skate Canada National Summer Series and the Alberta Section Leading Edge Series

Our Wild Rose Competition marks the beginning of the season for competitive skaters. Many use this competition to test out new programs and make adjustments depending on the feedback they receive from the judges. Important decisions are made in the weeks that follow, as programs are tweaked in anticipation of upcoming qualifying events.

For STARSkate participants, this competition marks the end of their skating season. They compete to showcase their talent and bring home fresh ideas for next season. After a well-earned rest, they look forward to new challenges and new programs on the horizon.

The 2017 Wild Rose Invitational Competition will be held Aug 3-6 in Leduc, AB.  AFSF member clubs are invited to apply to co-host the 2017 event. Contact us to learn more!

Become part of our tradition

Please consider volunteering your time to assist us in organizing and staging the annual Wild Rose Competition, as we proudly uphold the tradition of hosting this prestigious Alberta event. In order to run successfully, these skating competitions require a substantial number of volunteers, both from our membership and the general public. If you have some time, energy and enthusiasm to share, please consider joining us!

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting is an important event for members of the Alberta Figure Skating Foundation. At this meeting, board members present a summary of the foundation's activities over the previous fiscal year and present the audited financial statement. The AGM is also election time and we are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers to join our Board of Directors.

The AGM truly is an exciting event for the foundation. We are a proactive organization, always growing and responding to the needs of Alberta's figure skating community. Our goal of supporting Alberta skaters cannot be achieved without a commited group of volunteers. We encourage all current and prospective members to come out and join us at this important annual event.

Your skaters, Alberta's future champions, are counting on all of us to support them in achieving their goals.

BINGOs and Casinos

The Alberta Figure Skating Foundation relies on BINGO and Casino revenues to finance our scholarships and awards programs. This funding is generated by volunteers who contribute their time to work at our assigned events.

BINGOs are scheduled throughout the year. We are assigned one casino every 18 months. Volunteers do receive some benefits for their commitment (credits toward ice fees). Upcoming BINGO dates are shown on the calendar on the home page.  To volunteer or simply learn more about volunteer opportunities with AFSF, please contact us.

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